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Basic and Detailed Engineering of South Pars Phase 19

The SOUTH PARS gas field is located in the Persian Gulf at 100 km off Iranian southern coast. National Iranian Oil Company is developing PHASE 19 of the field development program which will allow a gas production of 2 bn cubic feet per day.

The main components of the offshore part of project are the following:


One existing wellhead platform (i.e. Continue reading

Assessment of the Palfingure Crane on the Tehran Milad Tower

Tehran Milad Tower is the tallest structure in Iran. Permanent installation of the Palfingure Crane on this tower required a detailed analysis and assessment of the structure to be capable of tolerating the normal operating loads as well as extreme ones due to gust wind and design earthquakes. JDD was awarded a consultancy contract to perform the required studies and provide the necessary guidelines for safe operation of this crane. 

Preparation of Guidelines for Rapid Assessment of Port Structures

There are a number of harbor and port facilities in southern and northern parts of Iran which have been in service for a number of years. Many of these facilities have not been maintained very well during these years. On the hand due to high seismicity of most regions in the country, the need for inspection and assessment of these facilities has been recognized. Continue reading

Basic and Detailed Engineering of HENDIJAN Offshore Complex

The Hendijan structure is situated in north west of the Persian Gulf near the shore. Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) have a program to develop the field which will allow to increase oil production. As such they have awarded an EPC contract to Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex Co.(ISOICO) for this purpose. Continue reading


Installation Engineering Works

The South Pars Oil Field is located in the center of Persian Gulf on the Qatar-Fars high, about 100 km from Iranian coast, and adjacent to the international boundary with Qatar. The South Pars Oil Layer is to be developed as part of a phased development program.

PETROIRAN Co. (COMPANY) & SAFF Co. Continue reading



The Reshadat field is located in the Persian Gulf 110 kms south-west of Lavan Island. The Reshadat field complex comprises of one production platform, one living quarter, two well head platforms and a flare platform together with the interconnecting bridges. The project scope of work was to design the structural deck of the deck production platform in detail. Continue reading