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Iran is a developing country which enjoys a combination of vast range of rich natural resources and wide spectrum of young educated human resources. As such rapid development of infrastructures, mines and industries is an important objective in the country.
Jamm Design and Development Engineering Company has been founded by a number of experts who have extensive industrial and academic experiences. The company utilizes the expertise of Iranian engineers and if necessary the cooperation of reputable international firms to provide engineering design and project management services in the fields of oil and gas, mines and industries, seismic retrofit of urban infrastructures, transportation, water and energy .
In recent years engineering and construction activities in Iran have witnessed a considerable growth in terms of quantity and quality. Founders of Jamm have themselves been involved in a number of such activities, particularly in the field of offshore/onshore oil and gas projects. They firmly believe that through effective management and organization, projects can be executed successfully within the schedule and with the highest quality and client satisfaction. In addition to “HSE” requirements which are first and foremost priority in our projects, managers of Jamm consider “Quality” as the key factor in achieving the objectives of the company. Therefore, meeting the quality requirements is the basis of all activities in Jamm. Furthermore, , meeting the time schedule and client satisfaction are other main priorities of the company.
The main steams of Jamm activities are oil and gas projects and civil projects particularly seismic retrofit of buildings and infrastructures. Within such framework founders of the company have hitherto been involved in different stages of engineering, management, construction and installation of offshore/onshore oil and gas projects together with seismic retrofit engineering and preparation of a number of national standards and codes of practice. To follow this record, innovation, optimization, documentation, transfer of technology and knowledge are the most important principles of the company in the field of engineering design. Company services in this field comprise of feasibility, conceptual, basic, detail construction and installation engineering.
Manages of company during several years of their professional experiences, have found out that management of multidisciplinary projects is a crucial bottleneck in the country. Thus provision of scientific/professional project management services is another main area of company activities. Economic evaluation, scheduling, proper allocation of financial and human resources, effective organization, clear definition of duties and responsibilities, adequate supervision, clear line of coordination with clients and quality control are the main elements of our effective project management system. Of course in all stages of execution of our projects, special attention to safety, health and environment aspects is of great importance.
Jamm Design and Development Company consistently strives to improve the quality of services by thorough understanding of client needs and expectations, observing legal and contractual requirements, providing trainings and implementing latest technological findings through close collaboration with domestic and international research institutions.