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Basic and Detailed Engineering of HENDIJAN Offshore Complex

The Hendijan structure is situated in north west of the Persian Gulf near the shore. Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) have a program to develop the field which will allow to increase oil production. As such they have awarded an EPC contract to Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex Co.(ISOICO) for this purpose. ISOICO has awarded the Engineering of this project to Jamm Design and Development Company

The project includes Basic & Detail Engineering and Procurement Engineering of two unmanned wellhead platform, one manifold platform, two 12″ pipeline and Subsea cable comprising of:

·         Two wellhead offshore platforms each consists of:

–          One 12″ riser and two 6″ J tubes,

–          Ten (10) wellhead slots, equipped with conductors

–          One wellhead control/safety panel plus hydraulic power pack,

–          One test separator

–          One test/production manifold.

–          Chemical injection packages,

–          Safety system,

–          Closed and open drains,

–          One electric pedestal crane (5 ton at 5 m) with associated electric driven hydraulic power pack,

–          Local Technical Room,

–          Step down & distribution Transformers

–          Splitter Box

–          Switch Boards

–          Automatic central CO2 release package.

–          Emergency UPS system & Battery Room

–          12” Pig Launcher

–          Helideck suitable for Bell 212 with safety net & lighting ring

–          Dual Agent Package

–          Dry fire main ring

–          Boat Landing & Barge Bumpers

–          Navigation Aids

–          Eye Wash & shower

–          Others,

·         Manifold platform consists of

–          Two 12″ riser,

–          Two 6” J tube

–          Pig receiver for each crude line

–          Local Technical Room

–          Splitter Box

–          Switch Boards

–          Shutdown valves,

–          Distribution manifold

–          Hydraulic Power Pack unit

–          all associated equipment,

–          Others,


·         Subsea Pipelines

Subsea lines from WHP 6, 7 to manifold platforms with all accessories must be considered according to figure 1.


·         Subsea Cables

Subsea cables from Bahregansar to Central Hendijan platform and between WHP 6, 7 and all accessories.

JDD employed services of AKER ENGINEERING MALAYSIA S.E.A. SDN. BHD.(AEM) as subcontractor in this project to carry out the basic design of the project. After successful completion of basic design, JDD is currently carrying out the detailed engineering in Tehran.