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FOROOZAN Offshore complex renovation and Reconstruction project

The Foroozan field is located approximately 100km southwest of the Kharg Island export terminal. The field is on the Iran-Saudi Arabian water border, with the Saudi-Arabian portion of the field being called the Marjan field.

The Foroozan field consists of:


·         Two existing production platforms called FX and FZ

·         One new control room, and switch room on (FY)

·         A freestanding, bridge linked flare attached to each production platform

·         Two wellhead platforms (F15 and F16) linked to FX and FZ respectively

      NIOC decided to renovate the Foroozan field with the following objectives:

·         Modification and change of existing system based on latest inspection reports.

·         Produced water discharge in accordance with contract requirement..

·         A power cable from FZ to FX


NIOC awarded an EPCI contract to IOEC/Nardis to execute the project. Engineering activities were awarded to ISI. ISI entered into a subcontract with Jamm for carrying out the structural parts of the work. This included supervision of the basic design activities which were carried out by an international consultant.